Nick, Canadian, Accountant


"I cannot recommend the French London Experience enough! I have been attending Christian’s events for over a year and it has helped me tremendously in improving my French.


After a year of self study, one to one lessons with Christian were the only reason I was able to pass the B2 DELF exam this summer.


But, the biggest attraction for me was, and is, the consistent focus on French culture in every event - from the 'Galettes des Rois’ to the 'Fête Nationale' and the French take on everything from food and fashion to politics and education I have learned more than just vocabulary and pronunciation and have had a lot of fun doing it.


I also found the longer Thematic Learning Sessions on French history and the people great opportunities to practice in a smaller group while learning about the political system, the geography and how it has informed the culture and language.


Lastly, I have really appreciated Christian’s relaxed, but well informed, approach to each event which has made them welcoming and fun."

Estrella Torres, Spanish

"I decided to retake French lessons with the clear objective of finding a job and moving to France. It was tricky to find a suitable teacher as my needs were very specific, however I was lucky enough to finally find Christian from “The London French Experience”. Chris completely understood my needs and where my weaknesses where and was able to customise the classes in a way that they met my particular requirements. We spent hours preparing interview Q&A, role playing, rehearsing for different business scenarios, drafting corporate emails and improving and adapting my writing style to the appropriate business etiquette.  


In addition, Chris has great knowledge of the norms that link language to social context. In the past I have had several teachers who, while being good with at explaining grammar etc, missed the mark in terms of complementing the classes with wider culture competency. Chris was able to add that element to my classes as he appreciated how key that aspect would be as part of my integration into France.


The results are that, within four months, I successfully managed to secure a job in France as an Attachée de Direction, role where communication skills and stakeholder engagement are a must. Thanks to all the preparation we did, I came into the role, my very first job in France, feeling confident and well prepared. I have now been on the job for over a month and my skills have improved exponentially. I find myself writing up internal communication notes, dealing with vendors on the phone etc, all of which I am totally capable of doing. I have no doubt that having great foundational knowledge has contributed to my fast paced growth and I cannot recommend Chris highly enough as a teacher."

Rachael Humphries, 

Visitor Experience Manager,

Old Royal Naval College

"Christian ran a Beginners/Intermediate course and an Advanced course for our Front of House staff and volunteers. In the weeks before each course started, Christian gave assistance with helping people determine which course would be suitable for them. This meant that the groups were well-balanced and pitched at the right level for all attendees.


The small size of the group was perfect in giving the group enough time to get to know each other and for allowing all participants to ask questions and practice their spoken French in front of the group. Christian has a naturally engaging style and he created a very open and trusting atmosphere within the group. His experience and professionalism in the heritage sector and with welcoming visitors was evident and he was able to draw from his previous roles to make the training authentic and relevant.


All the content was extremely well-researched and it was especially helpful that he had taken the time to discover links between our site and how to introduce famous French people who are connected with the history here. It left the group with a few names of people at their disposal to bring into conversation when speaking with French visitors, that would improve their visit and hopefully make it stand out amongst the other places that they might be visiting whilst here.


Christian was also able to cover more modern topics and give an insight into the political and social climate of France at the moment. With many references to the glorification of the Protestant faith around our site, it is sometimes difficult to know how to approach this with overseas visitors. Christian gave the group confidence and opened this topic of conversation with sensitivity and well-placed humour. The handouts that Christian provided were really interesting and were a talking point for the group.


It’s very true that these sessions provided real help and insight into the French language and culture. However, the real beauty of the course is that it can be applied to visitors in all their various guises. The entirety of the course was positioned to embed best practice in terms of visitor welcome, all approached in an engaging and considered way. I can’t recommend this enough!"

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